• Support American Small Companies

    Nothing in these boxes has anything to do with paid placement by some giant corporation.  It's all hand selected to catch you more fish!

  • Get Gear You'll ACTUALLY Use!

    This isn't the Wal-Mart Center aisle clearance junk in a box, it's all top quality gear

  • Real Quality Gear

    This gear was made with catching fish in mind, NOT simply to catch the angler

So Why Cross Bone Outfitters Treasure Box?

Cross Bone Outfitters is built to show the world great American Small Company Gear.


Nothing we carry is questionable, it MUST meet a STANDARD


Unlike any other outdoor retailer, we don't just follow fads, we actually INSPECT and TEST the gear we offer.


The mission is for anglers and outdoorsmen to buy small company gear with CONFIDENCE, nothing is questionable when it comes to QUALITY


Subscribers get their own CBO Subscriber's Discount Code for all other orders made in the store!


Small companies actually CARE about the end user of their gear, nothing mass produced, all made from PURE PASSION

Whatever Your Style

  •   Great Baits Featured For Your Style Of Fishing: In our program you get tailored choice baits for your style of fishing. No mystery with us, you KNOW that what you're going to get will meet your style of fishing!
  •  Feature: Every month we will be looking to get real and on the water feedback from what we send you! That means you get to be a part of the Cross Bone Outfitters seal of approval. Let us know what you think and if we choose to use your detailed review, good or bad, you will be rewarded through our program. *Each month will have a new reward announced!* 
  •  Be A Part of the New Industry Standard: With our program you will learn about exciting new baits and techniques you haven't seen before! Because of that, many times YOU will be the only one in your area with these outstanding baits. Show them something different and usually you'll find success. 


  •  Power Fishing - This box will be tailored to you who pride yourselves as power anglers. Whether it be crankbaits, vibrating jigs, spinner baits, buzzbaits, or any power fishing techniques we have in stock, YOU will be given some outstanding small company power fishing baits.
  •  Finesse Fishing - This box will cover some outstanding finesse fishing techniques and baits. If you're in a clearwater and high pressure situation, this will be the box for you!  
  •  Deep Water - If deep shell beds or ledge fishing is your game, then you need to have the tools to make it a successful game! We have some outstanding deep water shell beds and ledge fishing gear and it will be all yours once a month!  
  •  Punching - With so much gear out there specifically made for punching, choosing the right skirt, weight, or bait can be a hassle. We take that hassle out of the equation. Get a punching box specifically set up for YOU every Month!  
  •  Grass Lakes - If grass is your game, what you can use there is absolutely endless! We have the tools which will set you up for success. Let us send them to you every month!  
  •  Flipping - If Flipping is your game, but it's not punching. We have that covered too! Flipping Jigs to Flipping baits, we have it all. Don't get stuck trying to get it all at once. Let us send you your flipping gear once a month and you'll be set! 

Hear What Our Subscribers Have to Say!

"Great products and great service. Great guys running this place that help serve and protect our awesome country. What more could you ask for?"

David D.

Fishing Guide

"Quick, friendly, knowledgeable, honorable - these are just a few of the words I immediately think of when I think #CrossBoneOutfitters. My go to website for all my #AmericanMade fishing tackle needs."

Jennifer S.

Recreational Angler

"These boxes are amazing.  Nothing like [competitor's name], where you may get one or two good things in a box.  I can go use everything in this box today and know it's going to catch fish!"

Thomas V.

Tournament Angler

"Close your eyes...Imagine a place where you can get superior craftsmanship because of small quantity production, variety of items because many craftsmen contribute, a place where attention to detail matters, where the people who are producing are just as passionate about the end goal, catching fish, as you are, not the almighty your are here. Welcome to Cross Bone Outfitters."

Martin T.

Professional Kayak Angler

Time To Get The Best Box You've Ever Seen

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